Friday, January 18, 2008

belltown bride

for my rare venture into downtown, i made sure to map out all the bridal stores in the area so i could make the most of my day. one i came across was belltown bride, which seemed to have very positive online reviews.
DSC06226athe owner's name is melissa, and she's got this great, forward-but-unintimidating air about her that just exudes....strong, savvy, female with a lot of pizzazz to boot. she has brides from far and wide book appointments - ladies from alaska, vancouver, bc, and even eastern washington, because she's got a rare kind of shop (tiffany blue no less!). she carries designer samples that she sells at 50-75% off retail price. and they're not like the sample-sale dresses i've tried on at regular boutiques that have buttons and straps falling off, broken lace, and the scent of B.O. these are very well kept vera wangs and then some, straight from new york! so here's what i tried on....and if you're in the area and see something you like - give her a call and snap it up quick! do you gals have any shops like these in your areas that just sell designer samples?










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Jenn said...

I like these too - getting better, yippee