Sunday, January 20, 2008

a venture into home decor

we've each slept on mattresses on the floor for over a year. my dad recently refinished a sleigh twin bed for me, so i'm not on the ground anymore, but our furniture throughout the house is pretty sparse. so the other day i made curtains for my crazy yellow sewing room, and now i've been taken hold by the home decor component deep down inside. i'll have to sift through the past few years of posts at decor8 for some more inspiration, but i really want to get a small chunky, shaggy rug for beside my bed, and any of these designs from urban outfitters > are very affordable..
i need some cool lamps to replace the old ceiling lamps downstairs...i stumbled into a contemporary furniture store in belltown that had a few of these pendant lamps below, which retailed for $80-$120...

so here are the different options you can look at and choose your favorite in this set. i'm a little partial to this combo...and they both hail from ikea at a smoking $24.99 a piece!

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