Thursday, November 15, 2007


so here is the work of michele m waite, based out of bellingham, wa (?) i could be wrong but that's what her phone number looks like. i love her composition and attention to color. while you could certainly nitpick and say her whites are often washed out, and the horizon is sometimes 2 degrees off from being parallel with the edge of the frame, i do love her work!


as a side note, i added a statcounter to my blog, and i'm slightly terrified to say that i get almost as many hits on my blog as i do on st*tchpixie (and i pay for advertising for st*tchpixie!!!). i can see what people are googling to find me - and quite a few of the search strings are for that bridal shop in north van run by the terribly snooty woman. hah!


Laura said...

Gorgeous photos. And what? You don't like Isabelle's? EVERYONE I know seems to love that place!

Laura said...

Ah, yes, that other place in West Van. I fully agree with you.

Tiara said...

her photos are so funky and bright and colourful. hm. what about her indoor shots? and i see what you mean about 2 degrees off...but i still like the pics.