Wednesday, November 21, 2007

leigh miller

leighmiller7here's the work of leigh miller, based out of
southern california. this image in the car isn't particularly striking, but i like the concept. something about this wedding stood out to me; perhaps it was the fact that the bride wasn't blonde and a size 2, leighmiller4 perhaps it was because things, perhaps the people themselves seemed was set in england, perhaps it was just the shoes in the first image.

i realize that all but two of the images i have picked are black and white! oh color, how i miss thee. but the point here is composition i guess. photos that my parents might disapprove of because "their heads and feet have been chopped off."


but i love the energy in these candids. i couldn't put my finger on how to describe it until tonight. perhaps that's why i like candids so much.


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