Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my photos

i struggle with embracing the concept of photoshop. while i may have used pink filters in the darkroom to enhance contrast, and i certainly have always made use of that in photoshop (the sole effect on the first three photos), i have too much of an appreciation for the image straight out of the camera. hence my love for fuji's reds and greens, my longing for a lab that can fathom cross processing, and my love affair with the lomo l-ca and its naturally created vignette. so i spent some time in photoshop today with some of my hawaii photos taken on the credit card sized camera to warm up to the medium and to remind me that i don't need a $2000 camera to take good photos, and i can certainly tote around a concealable camera on my wedding day. keep in mind that i had this inexplicable obsession with surreal colored skies today, and i am editing on a laptop - i'm always slightly appaled at how my st*tchpixie photos look when viewed on my 19" lcd because the laptop screen lies!




a polarizing filter makes the skies bluer on film, and takes away any glare off shiny objects and windows. doing nothing but bumping up the contrast umpteen times on this photo below makes for some neat effects on the window glare at the bottom of the image.








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Neil Cowley said...

"i can certainly tote around a concealable camera on my wedding day."

Oh yea, the concealed bride cam, that would be great. I've tried to encourage a few of my grooms to do it....but no luck.