Friday, November 9, 2007

mother of the bride dresses

for many years i thought the only person that could possibly stand my shopping habits was tiara. she was the only girl i knew that could spend as much time as me rifling through every clearance rack at the gap, and she was more than patient (she seemed interested and constructive) with me while i tried on more items than the ten i was theoretically allowed to bring into the room. that is until i brought jenn and vanessa dress shopping. i think we should've brought one of those clickers that they use for counting people that walk into events like the pne for how many dresses they've hopped in and out of. at least 100 by now i'd say.
i think there must be some sort of name for the disease i have, demanding that my friends squirm in and out of dress after dress after dress. this crazy warholesque colorwheel of fun perhaps conveys a bit of my delerium. it's in an entirely different class than dragging the boyfriend to the mall with and popping out of the dressing room to show off 5 different skirts as dies a slow and painful death in the boyfriend seating area.

my mom visited last weekend and insisted on going to the mall. so what did we do? run a muck in nordstrom's changing room until they closed. the dress on the right looked fab on her - much better than on this waif of a model.
she's going on a cruise and we were trying to find a nice "formal" dress. i made her squeeze into a shimmy dress just for fun. being a size -2 for her upper body (i do recall gap came up with negative sizes at one point), but a 6 down below does not work well with almost any dress. but these two "pregnant people" dresses whose style i never understood seemed to work well, and she was even able to pull of an XS! yay, mom!
she zipped into a stunning strapless number but can't find it on the website now. my mom has never worn strapless anything so it was great to see her shine like a tiny oscar nominee. unfortunately i didn't bring along my camera :(

mother of the bride dresses are hideous (see representative outfit, right)! let no mom be subjected to wearing something like this. so i'm going to try to find some stunning cocktail dress for her to pull off so she can dance the night away.

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