Tuesday, November 13, 2007


d300i've always believed everything happens for a reason. losing my photographer, no big deal, it's meant to be i'll find something better. missing out on my nikon d200 twice at costco.com, that's fine...maybe it will come back by christmas. or....maybe they'll make a D300!!!! okay i'm now stoked. liz and chaia have both asked me to take some photos of them and their families, so here's what i can do with the equipment i already own:

in addition to what's below, here's a few on flickr, and a few more that are fisheye shots via my trusty minolta maxuum 7000 and lomo fisheye2.

pinksonyso on my wedding day, like i said in one of my very first posts, i guess i don't necessarily want to pack heat. andrew owns a camera just like this pink one, although it's not pink and it's probably a millipixel or two smaller, but it's the size of a stitchpixie coin purse, and toteably concealable.

i mentioned to a couple people already, but the folks from sex and the city found my cityscape purses at a local boutique and wanted 1000 manhattan cityscape pouches for the premier of the new movie this spring! but they wanted it in like 8 days' time, so there was no hope for me.

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