Wednesday, November 21, 2007

american friends

apui had started watching this episode the other day. lately i've been pretty rage against the company i work for, because i'm being sent to timbuktu and have 80% closing shifts while people at a temp organization make double what i make and get to pick and choose the stores they work at. but i've gotten a lot of love from the place lately from unexpected people. sure the people at 59 are always happy to see me. sure i've got pui. but one gal sent me an amish friendship bread recipe we had casually talked about - she hunted me down and faxed it to me. even dennis is getting in on the faxing action with inventive stories about his sidekick guido and the new game, rock band. one tech even hunted me down because i left a necklace at her store. when andrew first proposed, a lot of people were suprised that we weren't having our wedding in the states. and at the time, i was like, why? we don't have any friends here (besides laurie). it might've been viktoryia (holy cow i can't spell) who said, but in a year's time, you will. so i'm hoping a few random people from work can stay within the 100-120 guest list.

a girl from work called me up out of the blue this weekend to tell me she just got engaged. i had no idea she was even seeing anyone. and turns out, she hadn't been. she has an arranged marriage and she's totally okay with it, using mary's words. like really okay with it! i asked her where she was having the wedding, and she said the ceremony in abbottsford, and the reception in surrey. and then i realized that my very americanized seattle friend is going to have to move to canada! holy cow. so i came home tonight and watched the rest of that simpson's episode and thought of her.

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