Saturday, August 25, 2007

betsyi think my maid of honor and i have some sort of esp - when she commented about posting more dresses, i had been scouring the dot coms for macys and nordstrom! so here's another batch:

i like the 'stuff' on the bottom of #1, just like this betsey johnson number to the left. i like that #2 reminds me of tapestry for some strange reason, and because of the stiff nature of the fabric, it makes me feel somewhat empowered to actual make it myself. i do like #5.


printenter again my love for b&w patterns (#10)! see how it worked for this wedding, perhaps particularly well because the pattern wasn't overwhelming and didn't comprise the entire dress; photo at left found at i like #9 the best - i like that ...... folded action on the skirt. if #1 were jersey knit, i think it's super cute, and #11 is for sure jersey so hooray for t-shirt fabric? #8 looks like it could be ill-fitting like so many things we've tried on, and #10? i'm glad to see there is a lot more online eye candy for dresses besides the big M and the big N - see kenziekate's bridesmaid posts. i have more to say about vintage and retro dresses but i'll leave that for another post because i've been so busy shopping for a house - see photos of the house we put an offer on. photo montages thanks to the folks at nordstroms.

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Tiara said...

I like number eight! i would totally wear that again.