Tuesday, August 28, 2007

housessmall okay. so i guess every one of my friends could unanimously say that any one of these houses is the house for me. with old hardwood floors and neat architectural features inside like a brick chimney pipe in the sloped-roofed attic. but to live in these houses means i'd have to live either in seattle, or some place far far north, which would both equal a horrendous commute. i'm already commuting one hour in every direction, and i live 10 minutes from the freeway. we're in the process of buying this aforementioned house. what does a house have to do with my wedding? i had never wanted to live with my future husband before we were married, but moving to another country together doesn't really facilitate it. we've managed for a year, renting separate apartments for $2500 between us, but it's come to the point where i can't stand throwing the money away and would rather sink $2595 into a mortgage. it's not the 1950's anymore: aside from the fact that i didn't spend the last 5 years preparing to be a homemaker living at home with my parents and learning to cook and bake, aside from the fact that i moved out at 16 to go to unversity - we are 150 miles away from the homes we grew up in. my banker was itching to ask the boy about us when he touched on the fact that we'll have two separate bedrooms in the house, and so by the time i saw her today after work she was just bursting to ask me. we float for our jobs, and in canada, that meant we were at a new store with new coworkers every week, and here in the US it means that we're at a new store every day. even people who are 50 years+ who i would have thought to have old fashioned values are flabberghasted that we currently live apart. is no one conservative anymore?

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Jenn said...

First of all you know my vote on the house thing - even if the one in Seattle doesn't rock your boat maybe something with either a whole lot less in it - so riping apart the kitchen and the rest of the house doesn't make you cry or something more like the place in Seattle.

Anyways - the sex thing I'm just going to blog a response to that, since I think it needs to be addressed.

This weekend - I'm in slave labour duty - Friday, Saturday and Monday at least 8hrs. each to do the move so we are good to go on Tuesday - sure like that's going to happen but whatever Brian believes it will... So between my packaging etc - I'm only sort of free on Sunday. Have fun on the island