Sunday, August 26, 2007

pinup girls and anthropologie, oh my


pin up girls, eh? jenn i think you're a girl after my own heart (or we really do have esp). this montage has been sitting open in my photoshop all night (i somehow fell asleep between that last post and now, don't ask me how). anthrothe necklines are quite plunging! i still have very little faith in a seamstress (at least for the price charged, and for something as simple as the very last macy's dress you ladies tried one, considering i basically sew for a living). fabric is a whole 'nother story.....there's really not a whole lot available, and if i make a dress from scratch i'm going to go all bridezilla on you. anthro2that being said - anthrolopogie does offer some great things (albiet ill-fitting after your mail order experience) but i don't know that i'd want 3 girls in that floral dress on the far left. it's great and garden party but sickeningly matchy matchy. even the solid on the right has that feel if multiplied by three(perhaps because of the color). if we went the diy way, we could get one fabric and do a dress in 2-3 different ways, ie the far left and the middle.

now the single dress to the left, anthro's crosswinds dress seems almost just like "the" dress. made of breathable cotton, you can wear any bra underneath, and at $88 it somehow sports side pockets.....good or bad i don't know. this seems a step up from some of the starchy things.

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Tiara said...

hi cheryl! i like all these options... esp. the non-strapless ones.