Saturday, July 5, 2008


it's very early-july and my hydrangeas are blooming. the first image represents the clusters as they were a couple weeks ago. most of them now look like the second photo. a small handful look like the last two photos, which makes me wonder if hydrangeas from the garden mid-august as centerpieces wouldn't be too far off an idea anymore. my mom had originally said they were definitely a september bloom.
jul08 170

jun08 1260
they wouldn't have to endure the stressors of comprising hand-held bouquets, and even if they were all green like photo number two, they somewhat resemble viburnum and would coordinate nicely with our florist-provided bouquets.
jul08 155

jul08 163
i wouldn't necessarily expect to transport my own hydrangeas, but use my mothers, although she says they're not doing anything yet. rose fertilizer perhaps?

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