Monday, July 7, 2008


hello sukis, the salon that has ads plattered all over UBC's AMS agenda each year. with locations everywhere from downtown to richmond, i'm pleased that the one on first avenue looks the best, because i'm not crazy about parking downtown (although a lot of salons do have their own parking spaces available). for my reference, they have 8:30am open, an updo can cost anywhere from $90-140, and a finger curl for vanessa would be the same as a blow dry at $40-50.
1805 West 1st Avenue

caramel is downtown, and closed on mondays so i don't have much more info to offer right now. they have a list of their music faves online that include nick drake and death cab, and any stylist that is familiar with tom waites seems right up my alley (even though i'm not a big fan of his, i think it reflects well on their taste that they're not pumping beyonce - nothing wrong with beyonce, just not my style).
2342 Granville Street - looks like granville and broadway-ish

rain is a salon on west first just outside granville island. they have a front end mini boutique with labels such as gentle fawn and small things designs. i've even sold my st*tchp*x*e stuff there in the past. they have stylists that range from junior to senior, levels 1-8, with the lower end running about $59 for an updo and the upper end running about $119. they said a finger wave takes a long time, so long that it would have to take 2 hours to set and be $$$. at 9am they'd have 2 juniors, a level 2 and a level 6.
1544 west 2nd

aru is in whiterock/south surrey, theoretically close to where i'd be staying the night before the wedding (a good 45 minutes from the venue). they range between $45 and 70 for an updo and could do 9am.
2068 152 Street, 20th and 152nd with a little map here

what all of these salons need (although the last one is miles better) is more photos of at least the place! i can understand not necessarily posting photos of their hair creations, but the place! if it's trendy and funky, i want to see it!

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DavesGotTheGun said...

My boyfriend goes to Caramel and use to get his hair cut by Marc but he has now left that salon I think but Jared followed.. I goto Joji's on Commercial Drive and get my hair cut by Cheryl, and boy do i need a cut, i'm lookin all SamRo with my roots.