Thursday, July 31, 2008

hi mom!

jul08 926
the spheric shape of hydrangeas overwhelms the shape and simplicity of the vase, so i'm vetoing the hydrangeas as centerpieces unless we had clear square vases, but those are $3 a piece just to rent. i'm the type of girl that would much rather receive a single flower over a big bouquet. that is why i want one of these simplistic looks. i love the look of blackberry branches:

jul08 921

jul08 922

i've purchased a huge box full of these flowers:
jul08 931

the mums would match the bridesmaid bouquets but i'd have to pay for them.
jul08 929

this is a rose i picked from the garden today. each table will have two bottles of wine on it - we could accompany them with empty wine bottles with one flower in each...but i still like the simple look of the small white vase.
jul08 916


jenny said...

I'd go with the blackberry stems, if I were you. They are classy and very minimalist, while still incorporating a sense of romance and nature.

DavesGotTheGun said...

the first couple look like they are made from paper! Beautiful!