Monday, July 7, 2008

finger wave

on a related note: one of my bridesmaids has pretty short hair. not boy-short, but short. one place suggested that she get a 1920's style finger curl, and it would cost the same as a blow dry - $40-50. although she doesn't have asian hair, it is pin straight and very resistant to keeping curls. they just said they'd use a lot of gel. another place i called said it take a really long time, it needs to set for 2 hours and it's $$$ expensive. so what's the difference? is the first place literally just blow drying with their fingers and a bit of product while the other place sets it with dozens of curlers?

Mme. Vionnet and Charles of the Ritz
i love the one above the best, and the blythe doll one with a little curl of long bangs across the front, sleek right behind it and curls and volume at the back and tips.

images found via a flickr search for finger waves. there's also a great flickr pool for vintage hair


DavesGotTheGun said...

yeah dont goto some super expensive hair salon. a normally priced one is just as good..

it depends on what she needs really... you can buy a 4000$ jacket at holts or search for the perfect one at value village.. right.

Anonymous said...

I think their religion is called Balinese Hinduism.