Wednesday, June 11, 2008

jun08 451awe spent the weekend running around doing wedding errands, but i did get some time in with my family. i took the bus out to granville and broadway from kits and was surprised to find that the philippino restaurant galing galing was closed, so there would be no pansit for my grandma's 86th birthday. it was the energizer bunny weekend, with me as the pink, floppy-eared mascot. thursday i worked 8 hours, came home, then danced for 3 hours; friday i worked for 12 hours, then sat in the passenger seat to whiterock for 3 hours. the next day i went back across the border briefly, out to burnaby, to east van for a floral consultation, then to the west side, hopped on a bus to whiterock, out to abbotsford, then i stayed up till 4am sorting through old family photos.
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jun08 524see also sunday: brought mom out shopping for a MOTB dress, which, in typical me-fashion involved jumping in and out of no less than a dozen dresses, fish and chips in whiterock, time with the dog, angel, photographs of my dad's car, a dress session with jenn and vanessa, church with jenn, then back to kits. so jenn, i apologize for being late! i must also note that the day previous held homemade carrot soup at my favorite restaurant, the roadhouse eatery and bakery, with their signature side of pan fried banana bread.
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monday was no less busy, although perhaps avoidably so - sleeping in, then squeezing in the florist and an impromptu cake tasting only to sit in rush hour traffic on hwy 99 for an hour, across the border, only to barely stop off at home at 8pm because our first night of our church group session was scheduled to start then. that day it had rained like i've never seen it rain before, but once we got to kirkland it was all blue skies, which made me wonder they had the same tumultuous weather that we were hit with up north that continued down well into washington state on our 4 hour drive.
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