Wednesday, June 4, 2008

gummy bears aside, the nonstop, rhythmic brazilian drumming was pretty tight

jun08 064soccer, soccer with real players came to north america, and it didn't even involve david beckham! we went to a match in seattle with canada versus brazil, and the best part of it was that canada didn't suck! they held their own. i look at myself in this photo and it reminds me of all those shocking celebrities-without-their-makeup images you see at supermarket checkstands, but the funny thing is, i never wear make up in the first place. maybe it's because i threw in contacts and my face looks naked without huge plastic things taking up half my head. my bridesmaid also came down for the game, yay for vanessa! i foolishly had no appetite before we left and bought some sub-par pad thai for $7 at the match because i couldn't work up the stomach for a burger or a hotdog (although the ones outside the stadium looked really tasty in the makeshift vendor set-up around the perimeter).

jun08 049
jun08 057it never fails that it takes over an hour to get from the eastside to downtown seattle on a saturday night. the last time we got stuck in the traffic, i feared that everyone was going out for dinner and we'd have to wait forever at the restaurant, but it was empty! that day it took between an hour and an hour and a half to get from capitol hill, to greenwood, to downtown. where are people headed on these saturday nights?! this weekend, we sat in traffic in a spaghetti-type offramp after the i-90 with the stadium within earshot. earshot enough, that with the car windows rolled down, we could hear something that i don't believe was brazil's national anthem but perhaps the gummy bears song. at the soccer game. yessss.

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Vanessa said...

class II sprain and an boxer like splint...and i can't play soccer for the rest of the summer...snifff*
I hope you are coming up this weekend cause i need cheering up