Tuesday, June 17, 2008


jun08 743our work dress code mandates that men wear ties, and the other day andrew came home and tossed his around my neck. maybe it's just me, but i feel like every wedding photo i see nowadays involves tux + necktie, rendering the pricey tux to look like a plain old suit. although we're most definitely going to go the bow tie route, toybreakerand this post would have perhaps been a bit more helpful pre-father's day, i remembered there were some fantastic hand silkscreened ties on etsy.com. who needs original tiny cufflinks when you can get these amazing ties. i've been wanting to buy this pink one for him for work, but i've been hesitating because of the explicit "no guns or violence" clause in the dress code. but it's pink! so i'm featuring a smattering of work from the following etsy artists: toybreaker, satisfactory, and regeneration. i was pleased to notice that toybreaker specifically offers groomsmen's ties at a discounted price.

if i were having a super indie wedding i'd go with one of these ties:
regeneration - black sparrow tie



and here are some that are a little more wedding appropriate in the traditional sense:
this would be pretty gorgeous as matching shawls for the maids that could be worn time and time again: toybreaker6
and if flowers aren't your thing, this is still pretty classy looking:
i love all these navy on white ones. and how wonderful would it be to carry over the motifs and images from custom made inviations to ties! and for the science nerds:
regeneration - seaweed tie
regeneration - microorganism tie

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