Monday, February 11, 2008

pick your favorite

so i didn't expect to be a one of those brides. you know the kind. the kind with two dresses. three dresses. four? okay well i don't want to get to the point of four. so i bought my tafetta david angelo solely for the purpose of using it for my trash the dress, since my favorites, silk charmeuse, would make me look like a drowned rat the second i hit water.

then i got to thinking, i could alter the alfred angelo to be that mermaid style that i like so much, that none of my top dress contenders boasted, and despite the tafetta swishing around all day and sounding very huggies diaper-like, it would facilitate my birdcage veil and it could function as my sole wedding dress. here's my bad photoshop rendition, i even made the sleeves a little skinnier.
option 1: alfred angelo 1148, altered mermaid style

option 2, birnbaum and bullock: $2700 + probably $400 for a rush order, + $300-500 for alterations at the fancy pants kind of shop it comes from (although it is made specifically for my body specifications to minimize the need for alterations...). the one thing i am totally in love with is that i can dance holding my train on either my wrist or my pinky and it would look fabulous. is that brief effect worth thirty five hundred some odd dollars? again, see my terrible photoshop rendition:

option 3, random dress, $875, no train, silk charmeuse
i originally had no budget, but $875 seems like too good of an idea to pass up on....but i don't have the great train-dancing action....originally i didn't care for a train because of my outdoor ceremony, but that train is so great....

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