Sunday, February 3, 2008

luly yang couture

the first store i hit up today downtown was seattle designer, luly yang. while her website doesn't feature each dress, it does show clips from her runway shows that are just to die for. her store boasts evening gown couture and classy pieces in the back room, in addition to her bridal wear.

hello my good friend, silk charmeuse. except this time, without the rusching, the assistant drew my attention to true nature of the shows everything! including your belly button and any sort of tummy bulge you may think you don't have!
this slinky number says 1920's, and while i'd have to throw away any notions of birdcage veils, i might be able to pull of these feathery etsy things i'd featured in a previous post

to disguise the tummy bulge, the consultant, who was a young couture dress designer herself, suggested altering it to have a few lines of rusching across the area. here's the rusching i invision:

to do nothing else but demonstrate the rusched look the dress could have, she then pulled out this hot little number from a secret closet that had an amazing price tag of 800-some-odd-dollars! it's got a cowl neck in the front, scoops down elegantly in the back, and is a lot cheaper than the $2700 birnbaum and bullock that i've been seriously considering.
obviously this was a photos-don't-fly-zone, and while in the past, the assistants have let me sketch out the dresses at other shops, i was hesitant to ask since the assitant kindly offered to sketch a mock up of any design tweaks we discussed at every given moment. so here's what i can remember of it, i'm pretty sure i didn't quite capture the bust area, but here's the gist. speaking of simplicity and shine, maybe i'm better off getting that hot red bridesmaid's dress in a white for ~$100-200ish.

i tried on this hot little number (~$2K) made from italian stretch satin, it is gorgeous but not nearly as liquidy in real life:
i have nothing but a stunned reverance for seattle flickrite myla kent who somehow makes seriously unexpected artwork out of luly yang window displays and runway shows

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