Saturday, February 16, 2008

me filming a wedding, à la the office

so if you watch the first 45 seconds, you get the feel of how they.... "interview" the characters in the office if you've never seen it. after i offered to do the photography for my girlfriend's wedding, i somehow agreed to do the filming instead. as in .... walking around with a camcorder. which i know nothing about. so patrick had faith in me and suggested the best way to pull it off was to do it à la the office or the bourne identity series. ie pretty shaky and amateur. at the time i hadn't seen the office, but i've since fallen more in like with it than arrested development, which also has that reality film type filming, i believe. when i was trying to find a decent youtube clip of arrested development (which i never ended up finding), i stumbled across i watched episode one and totally LOL'ed at about 1 minute 20 seconds. and hmm, maybe our show is not dead after all?

ooh there's a lot of Gob love out there: brothers solomon, let's go to prison, doing a voiceover for a gmc commercial (kind of reminds me of showtime in burnout paradise, andrew), hot rod with the doo-doo-doo-doo magician music, will ferrell's semi pro and ... ohmygoodness, a dr. suess movie with jim carey, steve carrell and will arnett (gob)?! can you tell i don't watch tv?

hey, maybe our show really will live on. who on eternal sunshine and garden state, and which will ferrell costars were on the show?

somehow Gob's in this 2006 independent movie the great new wonderful with maggie gyllenhall - andrew i want to add this to our blockbuster list. like at the top.

so anyway, i've been contemplating making a second, third, even fourth blog that are better focused to each of my interests - photography, random journalings, home decorating, etc etc. but i think i'm entitled to put my random musings on one blog. so to tie this post up and to bring us back to the topic at hand: me being a little anxious about filming a bunch of's all worth it because this is what the bride says:

you da bomb. but not like those scary exploding ones in foreign countries. more like the kind that explodes and kitties and rainbows and unicorns come out.

ok i'm done.

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