Tuesday, February 26, 2008

miss jenn

jennrussiasomeone made a post on weddingbee lately about how every woman wants to have carrie bradshaw, charlotte, samantha and miranda as their close personal friends. who wouldn't want a group of successful women to both confide in and to go for classy luncheons with and experience new york's nightlife. after high school, i never had any close girlfriends, and for a few years, not even girlfriend acquaintances. but then again, in this day and age, maybe it's a little different. with men and women pulling off successful relationships that stemmed from many hours typing furiously at the computer screen, anything's possible. my maid of honor often describes me as the girl she shared a ridiculously small bed with in russia, a bed that perhaps half the width of a twin size bed. we've always lived too many miles away from each other, with little to no car transportation to speak of, to meet up "regularly" throughout these years. we've even been such poor students as to not even own our own phone lines, land or cell. but when i was flipping through my hoards of photos recently, i realized she really is my close friend. the girl without a car somehow showed up at my high school grad night to give me a huge bouquet of flowers that was most certainly out of her budget....
...i can always count on seeing her at least once a year at a fantastic dinner party that she throws, a la martha stewart...
...and she's got exactly the same social life as me...she's always there for me on a friday night to chat with about random things on the zappos or bananarepublic websites. that's a friend. so thanks, jenn. thanks for being my friend.

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LeahA said...

You were right on about the way she describes you
"the girls she got to share a really small bed with"