Sunday, September 23, 2007

david's bridal, round two

espressoi had a day off to look for furniture but somehow wound up at a david's bridal in tukwila, wa. i'd never really had a good look at their bridesmaid dresses before but saw this new number in the window and was quite taken by it (it's got a nice neckline like that bridal gown i tried on the other week, and the back is classy and conservative). it's in that sheeny-shiny taffetta that i had sworn off, but it's got a nice a-line skirt that gives me a figure in a way that these chiffon dresses entirely do not. and the prices are unbelievable - $115 for this one, and $130 for the others. they remind me of the bridesmaidy dresses we tried on at frocks in kitsilano, but without the $400 pricetags. in a black or espresso brown, would you wear this dress again?


if we didn't go matchy matchy (which i'm really leaning away from lately), we could do two dress styles - either all taffetta or all chiffon like these two pairs above and below.


the chiffon ones look so great on the models, but so awful on me (even though i can pull off an hour glass figure in bridal gowns!), not to mention that the tea-length is so incredibly long on me that i look like a hobbit.

TIARA when are you going to come visit me? how many shopping trips to seattle have you taken since you found out how close i live to the city?? Vanessa I need your help moving. Jenn....come down for a relaxing weekend, or at least a new environment to study in or write in for a weekend.


Jenn said...

Okay, I don't mind the top two ones but remember what we've learned everything works on you and sucks on us. The price is certainly better than the others and the new ones in the Instyle wedding - there's one I really like, not really a wear again type - though honestly I know I won't wear it again - sorry but dresses unless they are super casual don't normally fit in the category for anyone - the dressy wear again - how many formal ocassions do we really have? Weddings? Not normally formal, Graduations - those are a while off, Christmas and New Years normally involve more trampy/vampy clothing etc. In other words don't worry about the wear again as much as us feeling comfortable and you being okay with how we look.

Laura said...

What? There's a David's Bridal in Vancouver? I thought they were only in the US...

Tiara said...

the top one looks pretty good... i really don't care that much about the style, as long as it actually fits me! to answer your question, no, i haven't been down to seattle since we've last talked. once you've narrowed down the dress selection, i'll come down for sure!

Jenn said...

the more I look at it the more I don't like it - the inverted slit/pleat on the one side is bizarre