Sunday, March 29, 2009

unexpected registry gifts

so friday i get this unexpected red package at the front door. i very recently had a very unpleasant experience trying to get a blender from target with a 10% registry completion discount that arrived in my mailbox already expired, and was like, maybe this is to make up for it! whatever was inside rattled around like it was broken, though. so i open it up, and it's got an invoice dated july 08 from my uncle....and one of the pieces is broken. so i call up target and they happily order a replacement set for me. when i ask them why the invoice was so old, she says, well, yes i can tell you reason! your uncle ordered this in july and it was on backorder, so we've been sending him an email every month for the past 8 months, if he wanted to continue to wait for the item, and he kept saying yes.

and here i thought he couldn't figure out how to do online ordering.

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chaia :) said...

i think these look great in your house! we had so much fun last night :) we really need to hang out more and do some photog talk :)