Saturday, March 7, 2009

dippin' dots from the sky

the sky let out something this evening that i can only possibly describe as dippin dots...not quite snow, not quite hail. coincidentally, when we were at blockbuster, i saw a box of "baskin robbins soft candy" that resembled starburst but laid claim to some sort of ice cream affiliation. i was briefly excited at the notion that it would be freeze-dried ice cream, but realized it was not.

i remember trying neapolitan astronaut ice cream at some sort of science fair when i was about five or six years old, after school...with my mom. andrew says he's never had it, and i'm tempted to buy a pack or even comes in the ice cream sandwich variety!


Natasha said...

Hey Cheryl,

Check this out.

Are the ideas spinning?

Single and Picky said...

hey didn't we have freeze dried ice cream in Russia for someone's b-day?

Hansen said...

sounds yummy