Tuesday, March 31, 2009

heather armstrong hits seattle

i came upon dooce.com many years ago while at UBC, and i adored her writing style in that flatly-stated-douglas-coupland kind of way. i've never been an avid, day-by-day follower of any blog, and when i rediscovered her blog years later, i was surprised to finally realize that people categorized it as a "mommy blog"......maybe i had first come across it pre-Leta, when it was just her, her husband and a photogenic dog, but to me, heather armstrong will always be just a woman who has an addictively stark, punchy writing style laced with tequilla and the F word.

so heather armstrong came to seattle this evening...actually, what's better, is she came to the suburb of lake forest park so i didn't have to battle traffic or parking downtown. i showed up in time to hear her addressing a large crowd with a passage from her book wherein she managed to use the word vagina about 10 times within a 2 minute time span. gone are the days of those small cue cards we used in school when giving presentations; she read off of something i could only possibly attribute to be a kindle.

afterward, she opened up the mic for questions, and after a few, a man who had never heard of her before stated so, and said that she'd managed to freak-the-heck-out-of-him about her inability to have sex for the 7 months after childbirth. the man got a roaring cheer from the crowd, largely comprised of what i could only fathom to be mommy-bloggers....but in the more traditional sense - less tequilla, less f-words... and i figured i was as good as any to follow up his act. i walked up to the mic and said i'd made her something because of anyone i'd ever met, i thought she'd really appreciate it. everyone "awwed" and then laughed when i politely presented her with a vagina pouch. i also said i hoped i'd gotten the right hair color, and all she could respond with was, "it's so hairy."

inevitably, her pronounciation of the word "crayon" was brought up, except i didn't realize it because i heard her say what sounded like "crown," and compared it to something that also sounded like "crown" in a southern drawl, and i instantly and incorrectly attributed it to some birthing process...because "crowning" exists, right?


Thanh said...

you are awesome Cher.

Laila said...

And she mentioned your gift in her blog today! Totally neato.

Laila said...

and there's much talk about the coin purse in the comments.
better get busy sewing?