Thursday, January 15, 2009

last of the berries in winter

today: dozens of robins swarmed our trees out in front for these red jewels. i met with a great girl whose wedding i'm going to shoot at the end of may. my nikon flash came in the mail. i battled it out on the phone with my credit card company to get my canon 5D mark ii and a 24mm f/1.2 L-series lens transactions approved. my new lens and camera left new york and are on their way to my front door.


Natasha said...

incredible photo. love the contrast of the red against the browns and grays. new lenses thats exciting. i would like to get a new camera. my sony cybershot is several years old now and i need to upgrade. my mom wants to purchase lenses for her canon rebel. any suggestions or good deals.

Shelly said...

I love this picture! You should stop by the bank! I haven't seen you in forever.