Tuesday, January 6, 2009


there is a fancy little fruit whose name has eluded me for many years. i requested many of them for my wedding cake, and even the chef at the bakery couldn't tell me what it was called. it sometimes makes appearances on fancy catered platters, either cloaked within a membrane of leaves, or emerging from them like a tiny inverted umbrella. the 20-something year old waiters at death by chocolate never know what it's called, and they usually tell me i'll easily find it at asian produce stores. there are none to be found at t&t and there is always a serious language barrier between me and the only people that might know what it is. so to granville island, where for 25 cents i discover my tangy little orange fruit is indeed called a "gooseberry." hooray for gooseberries!

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Jenn said...

Those aren't really gooseberry's - not the traditional N.A kind - those are small, green and grapeish in texture and really sour - they make good jam and that's about it. So fair warning, don't go eating any other gooseberry then those one's also called a Columbian Cape Goosebery and traditionally sold with the husk still on. Sometimes under the name of Physalis peruviana