Saturday, January 3, 2009


frank and i are both only children, and, as thanh pointed out, we're a rare breed. now that i think about it, i've met maybe four others without siblings, two of whom live in hawaii. i grew up visiting hawaii almost yearly, back when frank was "frankie boy." he introduced me to pizza, the nintendo gameboy, boogie boarding, gimp crafting, pogs the old school way, with real milk bottle caps with staples, and probably so much more.
as we got older, i went less frequently, until we were both a little over twenty .... he picked me up at my hotel in a wife-beater and a slick ride to go out for dinner with our parents, and he breathed a sigh of relief that i hadn't grown up into some uptight dork that he would be forced to spend his evening with. my heart was so happy to find out that after all these years, he was not only an amazing person, but an amazing person with a huge heart for god. despite the distance and time apart, i consider him the closest thing i have to a brother. he has the most amazing personality, he's the best guy i know, and i was ecstatic to find out he's now a youth pastor.


Pui said...

Oh Cheryl, those pictures are so precious and sooo cute! That's the nicest thing you can say to chills when reading your blog. I'm sure Frank feels the same way!

Thanh said...

Awww you mentioned me on your blog. We are a rare breed, so we need to stick together! lol

You two were so adorable when you were young.