Monday, December 3, 2007

save my date!!

i spent the weekend at a craft fair next to a lovely gal selling beautiful letterpressed calendars. i came home with two and andrew was so impressed with them that the two thousand some odd dollars i had estimated for letterpressed invitations was totally okay with him.
blackberries1aso back to planning for a wedding. i couldn't believe it was the end of november a few days literally felt like august was last month! so save the dates are going to get combined with christmas cards if i can finally get my act together. if i had more time, i'd go ahead and design an entire calendar set with beautiful images for each month, but here we are in december already and i'd still have to spend money on weddings favors for the day of. after finding nothing by way of blackberry illustrations, i drew made my own. pick your favorites, or mix and match.

so here's a look at what flickr has for save the date ideas. blackberry2asee also some beautiful letter press images. so what ideas for save the dates? there's always simple cards, or a simple piece of paper. a sh*tty fridge magnet that doesn't hold up anything but itself, random moo cards that'll probably get tossed, post cards, a card with a photobooth strip, a faux polaroid magnet with the date scribbled on the bottom white part......there must be more options than this?

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Jenn said...

My cousin did the photo-booth idea with them holding signs - it was cute, but I don't know I think you're just better off getting those invites out and having something they can put on their fridge or calender or something - like a sticker? I don't know. Letterpress? Well it's your wedding dear do it as you wish - you know you only get one.