Monday, December 10, 2007

Hatley Castle

Hatley Castle
Wedding photo courtesy of blue olive photography, based out of Vancouver, BC. I found this castle long after I had already booked my venue. Hatley Castle is about 25 minutes from Victoria, BC (which is on Vancouver Island). Apparently it was Lex Luthor's home on Smallville, and Jean Luc Bacard's school in one of the Xmen movies (I realize that's not his name in real life or in the movie, but I'm just glad I didn't call him Spock.) The ivy looks gloriously green and lush, and I even saw a photo where all the foliage was a rich red color, but I can imagine that this place would look pretty cold and unwelcoming in the winter months (unless of course it was snowing, which, as most people in the northwest will know is pretty rare...people in Seattle seem to think that Vancouver gets a lot of snow, but it's entirely untrue! And, people in Canada don't live in igloos. I was asked that once as a child.).
photos via flickr.

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