Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i spent the summer of 2006 living in a hotel in westbank, BC, glued to late night reruns of taxi and fame


we went to europe last fall and i never truly got around to blogging about it. i scoured paris for a sweet little museum gift shop with quirky non-perishables stored in soda pop refrigerators, but it impressed me with a neat little bookstore. twenty or thirty euros seemed steep for these design books, and i vowed i would simply come home and buy them off amazon, but i'm wondering if i was better off getting a petite pattern book right then and there as a nice souvenir.

i've taken a mini-break from wedding editing and made myself a wishlist. i've made really good use of the library lately, something i haven't done since i was a child and i lived in the 741-749 non-fiction section. surprisingly, though i'm nearly twenty years older and in a city 150 miles away, all my books are still in that same 74x block, though now i've expanded my interests from drawing and crafts to encompass art and design. i'm on a long wait list for several neat books at the library, and i'm sure i can slowly rent these 70's/80's tv shows, but these special little books don't exist at the library.... nor do my coveted lenses exist. i'm holding out for the second generation remakes...maybe this summer, canon?

somehow, i came to own almost everything on my last wishlist.


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