Sunday, January 17, 2010

green men

the mister is a fan of a) arrested development b) the blue man group and their ties to arrested development c) hockey. i found a blue man bodysuit listed in my dance catalogue and i desperately wanted to order one for him to wear in italy on halloween. needless to say he wouldn't go for it.

fast forward one month and we've got two amazing men pulling my blue-man costumes out in green, à la the new FX show i have yet to watch, terrorizing the players in the away team penalty box. this is most ingenious thing i have ever seen pulled off at a sporting event. at 0:13 he manages to pull off something spastic enough to look like those 2-storey high arm flailing figures at car dealerships. google tells me they had originally meant to wear them to a seattle seahawks game but they didn't ship in time. go canucks go!

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