Saturday, August 22, 2009


i am now totally obsessed with finding an edamame keychain:

Have you "crushed" air bubble wrap some time?

It is one of the phenomena called "affordance" that
trend to crush something unconsciously.

It comes to want to put the finger in the hole,
to want to pull it if there is a knob.
Therefore, it can be said that man always want to crush.

It doesn't feel good?

Now thanks to Bandai Japan you can do it infinitely
with a key chain called "Puchi, puchi"
This key chain can reproduce exactly the sound of crashing
a plastic bubble with the same feeling .

This model don't reproduce any sound but
you can feel a similar sensation pushing the soy beans,
it will pop out showing a face!
It's infinite and no requires any battery!
This is a collector item and each piece contain a different face
there is 12 different faces randomly distributed

for now my artistic rendition will have to suffice. made from a pea pod from my garden!


Dionne said...

that pea pod is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

i love this. thanks so much for the puchi puchi.. it is da bessst! i still can't stop watching mameshiba.. i show everyone.. and jordan especially loves that the squids have three hearts hehe.