Monday, September 29, 2008

congrats, soosie

before i threw my bouquet, susie's very long time boyfriend snuck up to me and told me to aim for susie because he was going to propose the next month...i tossed the bouquet past the entire group of girls trying to get her to catch it and it landed on the ground with a loud splat. she came up to me after i had thrown two more bouquets (one of which went over the edge and into the bushes, never to be found), and she said everyone was acting like it was diseased and she felt sorry for it, so she salvaged it. i was so excited that she was the one that picked it up, but i couldn't say anything! congrats, girlie!


Pui said...

Oh Yay!!!! Congrats Susie, I'm soo excited for you!!!

Pui said...

P.S. Susie it DOES count even if you do feel sorry for the poor bouquet you salvaged...hubby to be is such a sweetie