Saturday, April 19, 2008

i call today an indoor day.

04192008 026
my dad once dubbed me "an indoor girl." i don't hike, i don't camp in tents, i don't do outdoor sports, and in the summer, you'll never catch me out after dusk for fear of mosquitos.

i think i need to get a new coat that hits just above my knees, because i used to walk outside on crisp winter nights and say, "it's so nice out," referring to the scent in the air, refreshingly cool and laced with whatever pheromones westcoast foliage emit. now i avoid checking the mail for days at a time because it's too cold out. the dampness of the area adds an element to the cold that cuts through you in ways that perhaps make the prairies slightly more tolerable. i don't know what the american equivalent of "the pairies" is. the midwest?

it snowed yesterday. i call today an indoor day. apparently it's 43.2 °F, which, in canadianspeak is 6.2 °C.

the upside is that an indoor day means lots of sewing and catching up on stitchpixie orders that have gotten tossed to the wayside in the wake of wedding planning.

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