Sunday, October 28, 2007

the search for a new photographer

darkdue to the craziness of the move and the lack of internet i have had for over a month, i lost out on my vancouver photographer! but i still adore her photos so here's an array of my favorites, and a little something to the right to show how great her low light photos can be without a flash totally flattening out the image. here are some great shots from melia at lucida photography. i adore candids:

movementci had been so against photoshop, coming from a film background, developing my own negs and prints since i was 10. i think it stemmed from an instructor that had disapproved of cropping my images when i developed my prints, saying all the cropping should be done from behind the camera. but these effects create such a great sense of movement into the image:

her love of industrial settings!

and composition that i adore:


Jenn said...

Well good luck honey and while you're at it you should really start thinking about those invites. Just a little hint there. As to the pics - while I love the candids, I'm not so sure about the one where she looks pissed off - I know I'm sure to have a few of those my wedding day and I'd rather not have evidence of it...

Jenn said...
Check it out - diversifying to Flickr in the hopes to drum up so more hits on the blog - want to crack a 1000 by January...