Saturday, May 12, 2007

it's a tiffany!

i got engaged! and it's a tiffany, no less!

so it begins. plannning a wedding back in vancouver all the way from washington state. i'm just slightly daunted. and the fact that almost everyone i know is back there and long distance, i don't have many human outlets to gush with or hammer out details with, and i'd like to spare the fiance.

what do guests remember the most about a wedding? not anything particular about the food, like exactly what they ate, but just whether they lament that the food was bad, or that they can honestly say the food was good. i could care less about spending hoards of money on food. i've always been the type that appreciates tangible gifts that i can hold on to rather than chocolates that get eaten and flowers that i have to dispose of in one week's time. so food that disappears within a few hour's time is not high on my priority list. that being said the two most important things for me are the invitations and photography. i'm tempted to carry around a d-slr on my wedding day, but it's so bulky it'll be like packing heat.


Jenn said...

well I'm glad to hear your getting excited about this new stage in your life - sure I'll make sure I set the mag aside when I start packing again. Right now I'm just trying to survive - nasty cold bug hit me yesterday afternoon and now I'm just trying to keep from falling asleep at my desk

Tatiana said...
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Tatiana said...

Yes, definitely don't pack the slr. you want to be having fun, not worrying about whether or not you have the perfect shot set, you want to be in the pictures, too!!!

Erin said...

did you buy the d200?? :)