Sunday, June 29, 2008

new specs

andrew got his first pair of glasses today.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

special thanks to my second family for a great weekend.

flo tea room

jason park! this one's for you: trendy, super affordable asian (fusion?) restaurant on granville and 64th. entrees come with soup of the day, they have a wide selection of bubble teas with the option of mango stars in lieu of the commonplace black tapioca bubbles, and i particularly enjoyed a grilled salmon dish that was moist, delicious, and under $10. in fact, we ordered four plates to feed the five of us, and even with three bubble teas and the fancy mango stars, our total was seriously $50. this restaurant is such a find. not only that, but i got to eat off my very favorite plate that you can barely see in the photo above - brown on the outside, blue on the inside, with intentional crackling.


madie [mă-dee]: noun given name for boistrous young female.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

a dress for the rehearsal dinner

DSC_0423i thought with the final decision on the bridesmaid dress, we`d seen the last of my dress orgies...but i was wrong. there are more dresses in the world for me to try on! and it turns out that andrew is a pretty darn good photographer! this blueish-green one is perhaps even more stunning in this photo than when i tried it on. the color is gorgeous and not garish, and the yellowy-peach details go so well with my skin tone. in the end i chose a dress that i'm going to save for a surprise. it's totally me, and it's going to be custom made to my size! i've never had anything like that before. so a big thank you to andrew's mom for what's going to be the sweetest and best fitting dress i've ever owned.


finally! a dress in a store that`s my size. it even fits around my butt perfectly - ignore the one inch thick underwear line - they`re my super comfy american eagle undies.

it fits so well i have to hike it up just a couple inches in order to sit down.

cheong sam


yay! mom number two (the mom of the mister) bought two hot little numbers for herself. it`s so nice to see our mothers in dresses. so here`s her very own tribute on my blog in the few photos i was able to snap of her. this particular store in vancouver`s chinatown had tonnes of dresses that were in the $50-99 price range and alterations seemed to be complimentary!


back room


my bridesmaid bears the same name as a bridal head accessory.

very special thanks to my very best friend that i've known since i was twelve years old. if i were to be unconventional and include a man in my wedding party, he would`ve been my "man of honor." amidst his whirlwind time off between las vegas and, ironically, being the best man at my ex-boyfriend's wedding, he made the time to come see me in seattle and brought bridesmaid number 2 along. so, jason, thank you so much for coming! your rock band version of my sharona still has me laughing, and despite all my googling, i can't seem to figure out what family guy episode you were totally pulling a peter griffin about. "da dada da da, da dada da da, MY SHARONA!" this comes close perhaps:

so without further ado - tiara`s mini photo session - a considerably abbreviated version of any and all dress orgies the rest of us went through. she`s so gorgeous!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


jun08 783

is this what $3500 worth of dresses looks like?

jun08 045

jun08 002finally i've posted photos from my $3500 purchase - the store with an unbeatable and unlimited return policy (i better not hear any comments to the contrary!). i bought several different styles of dresses, each in several sizes, and brought the store to their door. when i had asked my girls what size they were, jenn said she was size X, and vanessa also said she was size X. i knew from our previous adventures in dress shopping that they weren't the same size, so one of them had to be crazy. so i bought jenn sizes X and Y and i bought vanessa sizes W and X. turns out vanessa was actually size U. tiara was a size T, so in the end i had to make another purchase to get vanessa's size. $3500 garnered me 26 dresses (had i known the number was that high, i would've bought a twenty-seventh). oh. and yes, vanessa is sporting leggings and complimentary airline footies.

jun08 005

jun08 104

ajun08 611i loved this combo. haha, vanessa, somehow anticipating the occasion, wore her turquoise bra. the turquoise didn't turn out to be as garish as i thought it would on jenn's fair skin, and pockets! pockets! need i say more? needless to say, i concluded it was a bit too mod for my venue, and didn't remotely go with the green flowers i'd already chosen. not that it would matter that much considering my choices so far reflect a complete lack of color coordination; perhaps that's not true, because i can put together beyond wicked color combos for purses - perhaps i just have poor planning skills: my invites are currently being inked in navy (no other color looked quite as nice), my flowers are green, and the potential centerpieces i bought are yellow and red.
ajun08 609

jun08 096

ajun08 577

ajun08 584this dress had gorgeous pleating, but it was an awkwardly long length. like, mid-calf. but it would have made for an amazing twirling dress. i'm happy to say i finally decided on a bridesmaid dress, after what must have been hundreds that they'd each tried on since last spring. tiara's not completely off the hook though - one third of my $3500 purchase is in size "T" so she's going to get her very own runway session with me behind the camera in a couple day's time. if i was a little more organized, i'd have a $3500 order of shoes from zappos for her to sample from, but maybe that'll just force her to make a second visit.

jun08 595a