Sunday, June 24, 2007

wedding photojournalists in vancouver

i'm getting to the point where all wedding photographs are starting to make me bored. but i still LOVE the candid photos, so that i am happy about.

so the wpja is certainly not an exhaustive list of photojournalists available, and it is doesn't necessarily guarantee their quality of work, especially considering some of them become a part of it based on a single photo - so it is by no means an evaluation of their work as a whole. so i've found some more via aisle walk again, and i've omitted a few from their list that i wouldn't rate as A1. i haven't had a chance to explore these in detail yet, but i'm crossing them off as I narrow them down.
erin gilmore photography
fractured light
leanne pedersen
match studio

here's my top picks from the, list :

Jeanie Ow BC $3100+ ---um this one has yet to answer an email

Tying the Knot Photography

HEE creations Photography
Kumiko and Masaki Leung BC $2195+

Chris+Lynn Photographers
Chris Jaksa BC $3999+

Lucida Photography
Melia Sorenson BC $2400+

C.J. Scott BC $2000+

Sean Flanigan and blog WA USA $2000+ - this guy would be great, i love the contrast, but i don't want to risk him getting trapped at the border

and of course, reine and jana. i found hycroft through their website! they shoot with film, and i love the high-contrast - it almost looks like the negs are cross-processed. the only downside is that their website doesn't showcase a lot of their work.


Sonya said...

Hi, congrats on your engagement! I came across your blog by chance and I know how important photography can be, what kind of camera did you end up buying?

Anyways, I have some friends who do really good wedding photography in vancouver if you haven't chosen a wedding photographer:

Good luck!


Yujai said...

You know what...I had almost the same list!! Even Sean from WA was on my list tooo!!! I am now set with a photographer called Rick Collins :)