Friday, June 22, 2007

vancouver vendors

jenn i might be coming home this throw some money down on hycroft or explore a couple other places... seems like a great resource for information such as a comprehensive list of the top notch greater vancouver venues. has some great, independent, non-1980's cake bakers to explore later on.

wedding designs studio puts together some absolutely stunning weddings. where is this wedding? must be on vancouver island or the sunshine coast if they get to make use of the beach......

at any rate, yes, yes YES this is what i want to do at hycroft, except i bet a long table will only seat 60 folks, max....:
but perhaps the head table could go here which is just a few steps off the patio - i think it would look lovely but it might be too isolated from everyone else? or we could have a few tables down here too. so that we get us an extra dozen people with seats.....someone at work pointed out that by the time inivitations roll around in a year i'll have probably made some american i'm going to stick to my current "small" guestlist? i'm really into the rectangular tables for hycroft rather than the round ones.

here is hycroft's dim dim ballroom:
but at least it's yellow! i love yellow but it'd be nice to contrast it with something bold like black rather than white white white......but i doubt that's possible. if it rains, the ballroom's the place to be and i won't be disappointed if we have it there.

aaand.....another gratuitous hycroft photo because i want to live in the hycroft fairytale:

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